DIY Sweet Pea Centerpiece

by CamillaRain Photography

I might have to thank my landlord for this post…

After leaving Cyberia Cafe last night I intended on going back to my apartment, but I quickly dodged that idea after I noticed my landlord’s truck in the driveway (that’s a story for another day).

So instead of going home, I drove up to Quincy Hill where the sweet peas are in full bloom.

The combination of the gorgeous summer light and wildflowers were my inspiration for these centerpieces, which are perfect for anyone who is having a backyard wedding or who would rather use the resources around them.

To create the centerpieces I used three different “vases”….a mason jar, a white goblet and then a boldly patterned glass, an old book and wild sweet peas. I have a thing for vintage glasses and mugs. Seriously, when I go thrifting the cup isle is always my first stop. I think it’s the patterns and shapes that get me.

The total cost for one centerpiece is under $2.00!

And lastly, my favorite version using the white goblet.