Beach Babe

by CamillaRain Photography

I’ve come to realize that I despise traveling.

In the past two days I have flown from CMX to CHI to PHX to San Jose and then on the way back from San Jose to LAX to PHX to CHI and finally back home. I am currently waiting to board the last leg of my trip, after sitting in this hot and humid Chicago airport for 9 bloody hours.

BUT there is a positive side to all the madness.

The flight last night from Phoenix to Chicago was downgraded, which meant at least twenty+ passengers would not fit on the plane. We were given a $375 voucher and placed in a hotel for the night.

All of this extra time has given me a chance to finally edit a few of my favorites from Beth’s session. She is a NATURAL when it comes to posing…didn’t need an ounce of direction. So thank you Beth :)

PS: Beth is getting married next July and is working on “blinging” out her shoes…so watch out for another DIY post!