Early Morning Rant

by CamillaRain Photography

I rarely blog any personal posts, simply because it’s kind of scary putting my personal

thoughts and opinions out there, but I think this year I will give it a try :)

My friend Lea, sent me an earrrllllly 25th birthday gift this year.

(It’s not until March 19th)

This is what came in the mail last week:

A coffee press.

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Do I reaalllly want to give up my DAILY DUNKIN?

no no no.

It’s become a routine, it’s become my usual.

I don’t even have to order my drink anymore they know exactly what I get:

Medium Iced Coffee, black, no cream, no sugar and one pump of pumpkin

(lately it’s been one pump of dark chocolate)

and on Mondays,my cheat day for bread, I get a multi-grain bagel, veggie egg white with cheese.

Anyway back to the point of this post.

It has been a weekend of firsts.

On Friday I purchased coffee and creamer for the first time and this morning

I pressed my very first cup of coffee at home,

and I didn’t like the feeling.

It made me feel OLD.

I’m to young to be buying coffee and making it at home,

that’s for adults.

Maybe I feel this way because as a child I always remember my parents making their

coffee before work and putting a pot on as soon as they got home.

And I don’t want to “grow up” even though I’m going to be 25 I still feel 18

and I hope I will always feel this way :)

So Lea, I don’t think I can part with my Dunkin JUST yet!

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