Sneak Peek of Pete | Delray Beach Portrait Photography

by CamillaRain Photography

I am so in love with Delray Beach I think I will live here for the rest of my life :)


1. Atlantic Ave is full of delicious restaurants and nightlife

2. I tend to find more down to earth, genuine people here (not very common in South Florida)

3. So close to the ocean (which I need to spend more time in, but I was spoiled growing up next to Lake Superior!)

so I have to get use to the salt and all the sea creatures.

4. Always sunny & always green (I call it PARADISE)

5. And its ART scene just keeps growing and growing :)

Speaking of art, here is a little peek of Pete’s shoot from tonight.

I photographed him in Artist’s Alley in Delray which has UNLIMITED photo opportunities.

Artist's Alley Delray Beach

Artist's Alley Delray Beach FL