CamillaRain Makeover | South Florida Photographer

by CamillaRain Photography

For months I have been wanting to create a cohesive design to represent CamillaRain, but

I can be VERY indecisive.

A year ago, my first designs included water droplets, but it looked more like a bottled water company than a

photography business.

A month ago I was SET on ombre (a gradient of color).

BUT finally today it magically all came together and kind of by accident :)

Where did my inspiration come from?


Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 9.29.59 PM

Somebody’s beautiful nail art I found while browsing the internet YESTERDAY :)

and I’ve been creating this for the past few hours:

Florida Weddings

I added the blue tips to rain to differentiate the two words, plus…..nothing like


to represent ME!

This new design will also tie into my wedding booth at the West Palm Expo in September and

my new, DIY package design that I will be creating for clients.

…..ahhhhh BLISS….