CamillaRain Branding | Florida Wedding Photographer

by CamillaRain Photography

When I first started my photography business, I chose SaraFina Photography, eventually switched it to

SaraCakes Photography ( for my love of food ) and now finally

CamillaRain Photography, which will never change!

I love that I am able to incorporate myself into my branding, being that the colors blue and pink have always

represented me, like when I had a pink phase in high school…eeekkkk! haha

One time I went to church dressed in hot pink pants, hot pink shoes, a bright floral shirt and some pink hoop earrings.

That may have been the rebel in me though.

And the glitter, well who doesn’t love sparkly things :) Gaudy, as my mom likes to call it.

Florida Destination Wedding

At least my graphics degree comes in handy at times!

Destination Wedding in Florida

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